Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's been a long couple of days here in cold New England.  It was -17 this morning when I ventured out to the gym.  That my friends is dedication!  

I have been working on a swap quilt based on the Gees Bend quilts, and finally completed it last night while snugged up by the fire.  I hand quilted it ( my first stab at that), and have all the needle pricks to prove it.  All in all I am very happy with the way it turned out, and hope that my swap partner ( who does not like brights!) enjoys it as well.  Since no one is reading this here blog I thought it safe to post before it arrived at its final destination.

On a non-fabric related note ( I know, things not revolving around fabric, WHAT)...I will find out in 7 days wither I have a job or not next year.  I guess I have not mentioned yet that I work at a Boarding School, and run/ live in a girls dorm of 56.  The wonderful young ladies range in ages from 14-19.  I also teach Health to the 10th graders, and advise the school Yearbook.  This is my 9th year here, and I am an alum of the school.  All that being said, notifications of position eliminations will be delivered on Monday January 26th.  My heart aches, my stomach is in knots, and I am really not sure what we will do if I loose my job.  Housing is included in my salary,and we do not own a home anywhere else.  It is scary to think that come June we may very well have no where to go.  I am very much aware of the struggles of many individuals and families due in large part to the economic fall, and feel so saddened that we are facing this again at my school.

So, I send my positive energy out into the Universe, and hope that the love and dedication I put into my job is enough...that I am enough and worthy of keeping here.

I promise to have something more uplifting to talk about tomorrow.  Until then- stay warm and Peace be with you!

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  1. There are people reading you blog. Sometimes we just need to get comfortable before commenting :-)

    I love the block you have just done, the colours remind me of the way the blue sky changes at sunset.

    I hope you job is secured, it must be a nervous time for you. Fingers crossed.