Thursday, September 30, 2010


On Monday my baby turned 4! I can hardly believe that it has been 4 years since he was born. Most days it feels like just yesterday, and then others I'm sure he's 20 :-) His big present his year was a bike from his Grandmother ( mother-in-law). This picture was taken at around
7:45 pm ( way past this time he would usually be up and about). He was so excited that he ended up in the driveway riding with his same outfit on!!!

We ( I mean I) decided that this year we would have to move the party away from our house. Our new " cabin" is much to small for a party! So, we ( I ) made a reservation at Chuck E' Cheese! Now, for anyone that knows me this is the most off the wall plan. But, I have a wild little boy who loves games, the chance to run around, and be as loud as he wants to be!

So, with my mom ( GG), his two Godmothers in from London and DC, and my dear friend NayNay we hit the round running. The Godmothers and his Dada were game playing machines, and ended up winning us well over 1,000 tickets! Here is just the beginning of the stash.

And here he is in all of his glory. The glare is towards the person dressed up as a giant RAT! He was not a fan of that part of the day. He is SO my child!

And this, is him the NEXT day all decked out in his Chuck E' Cheese glory! The soccer ball was purchased with all of this tickets, and rounded out a wonderful day.

He was wearing his crown again is morning just to make sure it still fit his 4 year old head! It was a great weekend surrounded by family and friends. I feel so lucky to have him as a son, and honored to be his mother!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is my 4th round of the Doll Quilt Swap, and I've yet to be disappointed!
My partner loves bright colors, birds, and underwater creatures.

So, I made her a quilt titled: The Grass is Always Greener..." ( on the left)

In return, I received the most lovely quilt from Viv. Each square if unique, and the birds are perfect in their simply forms! It's hanging in my living room so that I can admire it everyday, and I do!!! Thank you for the time and energy you put into my quilt, Viv!

I was much quieter this round, but it felt right for me. The threads of discussion were so active that it would take me hours to catch up to even comment. So, while I did follow the discussions my comments were kept to a minimum!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The last few months in photos...

I've been MIA, but I am ready to make a come back!

My sewing machine has been humming, and I've ironed so much I had to purchase a new one a few weeks ago! So, I've been:

Quilting along with Tia
Playing virtual and in person scrabble with my DH! Yes, he wins every time. What can I say, he was a Business/ HR major, and I was an Art Education major!
Spending time visiting friends. This was taken in Burlington, VT where the pool temp was a balmy 69 degrees. No, I did not get in :-) I was happily sewing hexis together while these brave boys were swimming!
Making commission quilts ( more on that later)
Making quilts for all the babies being born around me. Pattern by Oh! Fransson.

Looking forward to spending more time in this space.
Happy Fall!