Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabric Goodness....

Today has been a good day, and it's only 11am.  I " took to my bed" last nigh over come with sadness and fear as Monday moves closer and closer .
 But I woke up this morning without the alarm clock and headed to the gym to start my day.  I laughed out loud for 40 minutes on the elliptical while listening to Podcasts of A Prairie Home Companion.  What a great show.   The main event for today was for The Shmoo and I to go pick up his new Nap Quilt from the quilters.  Yes, I often pay someone else to quilt my quilts. 
And it turned out great!  He will be the talk of the Nursery School.  Every other kid has "rags" they sleep under....but not The Shmoo... not anymore that is!   I love the red dots on the back.  I hope they don't keep him awake.  The child needs a nap--everyday!

The next fabric goodness arrived to the mailroom this morning from the UK.   It was a package of Liberty florals from Katy for the Sew Connected 2 group.  Aren't they beautiful?  They came in their own linen and liberty drawstring bag. Rockin' fabs and a bag...packages don't get better than that!  I'm not sure I can actually cut them up, but I guess I don't actually have a choice.  So, off to do some planning I go.
Here's to a joyful weekend.  Peace be with you


  1. oh my gosh - I just saw the photo of your stash. And you are still married? The man hasn't divorced you yet for unreasonable behaviour? Is it a secret stash, hidden in a secret cell in the basement? Or does J have a similar obsession with something, so you tolerate each others' obsessions (that's how it works in our house - I have fabric, W has sneakers. And t-shirts, in black. I should get pictures...)'s the cutting into the liberty prints going? you still scared?! Close your eyes, and slice (ok, maybe not close your eyes, that could be dangerous). It's easy when you make that first cut (says she - it has taken years of hoarding before I summoned up the courage to cut up some of those!)

  2. Yes, Katy, not only does J know about the "stash", but he does not have an obsession that comes close to mine. He is a kind hearted man, and we have separate bank accounts! If you think that photo is crazy you should see the laundry basket in my bedroom ( over flowing at the moment), and the piles ( all neatly pressed and folded) that are taking over the spare bed.....I told you I am a junky!

    As for the liberty prints...They are on display on the dining room table ( Shmoo had to eat at another table last night) just waiting for inspiration and nerve to join forces. I know it will happen soon :-)

  3. That quilt is beautiful. I love all the fabrics together.

    My husband hasn't kicked me to the curb yet for my collecting and even is as sweet to say that I could have worst addictions.