Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What? You say you need a new Bag?

Yep, that's what The Shmoo told me on Monday.  Okay, he did not technically say that, but his school did.  The new law for Pre-Schoolers in our area is that if they eat lunch and stay for rest time----they must brush their teeth.  So, I clearly had to make a cute bag to hold said toothbrush and toothpaste ( fluoride free says the state).  I happen to find this amazing tutorial over at Orange Flower last week, and it seemed like the perfect fit.  Plus, I was able to use my favorite fruit and veggie fabrics ( always a plus)

While I was whipping up this little baby I also made The Shmoo a wet bag to hold all of his wet clothes from school.  It's currently  in the wash, so I'll have to post a picture of that another time.  But, we have moved from 3 sets of wet clothes, to two sets, to only one today.  We have lost 2 pairs of Thomas undies to the trash though....poor Thomas.

Peace be with you!

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  1. Cute baglette--I saw that tutorial over on O.F. and have Big Plans to make some for all sorts of purposes from my fabric scraps.

    I'm impressed by the embroidered name tag. I'm hopeless with embroidery. And crochet.

    Bummer about the Thomas undies. LW would have an absolute conniption if I tossed out her Hello Kitty undies.