Friday, August 28, 2009

Ladies of Leisure?

That is what I am calling the women I know who have been laid off from said school ( no need to name names).  Most of us have kids, are educated, and are now with much too much time on our hands.  Today when I dropped The Shmoo off at school I was asked by another mother, "what are you going to do now?"  My reply..."go for a long walk, eat some breakfast, and then sew the day away."  She did  not look amused.  But hey, being lady of leisure is hard work!  

What I failed to tell her, since I was sure her question was more sarcastic and judgmental than actually friendly was:  I will be calculating all of the expenses I'm not sure I can pay while on my long walk, and hope that when I get home I can find something that is remotely interesting to eat. And while I am sewing the day away I will be anxiously waiting for the phone to ring with a job offer! Nope, I did not share that with her.  Because, really, it's none of her business what I will be doing with my time!  

Clearly I needed to walk longer than an hour!

However, J helped me take this lovely photo last night.  This quilt has been on our spare bed for almost 2 years with no binding on it.  Yesterday I washed and dried it, and laid claim to it. Last night, I snugged under it while reclined in my new recliner, and nearly fell asleep.  Now that's a good quilt I tell yah!
This was my first true scrap quilt.  The only purchased fabric is the boarder, and well, I needed it!  I asked J if he was jealous, and he said " yeah!  The Shmoo has my quilt on his bed, you have this new love, and I have nothing."  Well, if this lady of leisure stuff continues I'm sure I can find the time to make him his own quilt.  I mean, one that he can actually use, because I think The Shmoo may have staked some claim on the original!

Peace be with you


  1. ack. Don't you just hate snotty women?

    Enjoy your sewing time, keep it precious whilst it lasts - and use it well. You'll be back to work before you know it, and you don't want J's quilt unfinished for 2 years, do you? ;)

  2. Don't forget the bon bons that ladies of leisure require. My vote for best bon bons in the county: Richardsons Candy Kitchen. Yum!