Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day of School...

Today marks The Shmoo's first official day of Pre-school.  I dropped him off armed with his Cars lunch box, his Cookie Monster sneakers, and 7 pairs of underwear. What I did not bring was my camera!  Yep, failing motherhood-101.  Every other parent was taking a picture of their child in front of their cubby.  But, no, not me.  I dropped him off on the playground, put his lunch in the fridge, and reminded his teachers that he would need to be pried off of the climber in about half an hour for a trip to the Potty.  Well, hopefully I can get a photo when I pick him up after lunch...he may be naked- if he's peed through all 7 pairs of underwear and the 4 pairs of shorts they have for him!  Don't laugh, he's got more pee in his tiny body than I ever thought possible.  

Well, I've sent in 2 applications for jobs on-line, and now I am off to SEW!

I hope your Monday includes some sewing, and that you remembered your camera for the first day of school!

Peace be with you

Note*** The Shmoo came home in school issues shorts and 3, count them THREE, bags of soiled clothes.  One pair of Thomas undies was so bad they had to be thrown away.  Hopefully his system is all cleared out and today will be process!

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  1. Sounds like he's very well-hydrated! :D

    Didn't get to sew today, drat, but I have high hopes for tonight after my tot goes to sleep.