Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Scraps to share?

You may have noticed my " To Do" in the right hand margin on my blog....well, if not take a look.  Well, one of the items on my list is a scrappy braid quilt for Grant ( the son of Isaac's God Father and the only real father figure I've ever had). 

 I made Grant a Qwillow when he was about 7 years old.  We went to the fabric store together, and he picked out 3 coordinating fabrics - on his own.  9 years have passed, and this qwillow is still on his bed.  He brings it on all car trips, and allows no one to touch, much less use, it.  When The Shmoo and I visited in March Grant was a bit jealous of The Shmoo's braid quilt.  Realizing that his next birthday is the big 1-6 I thought he might just need a braid quilt of his own.  

SO- that is where you all come in.  Might you have some scraps to spare.  I have  many, but it seems there are more pinks than blues in my pile.  I am in search of fun and funky fabrics roughly 2.5 inches by 7 inches.  Please leave a comment if you are willing to share your scraps with an almost 16 year old who truly appreciates the art of quilting :-)  

Thank you in advance.  Peace be with you.


  1. What shades of blue do you want? "Blue" blue, or teal blue? Or does it not matter? If you want to e-mail me (or Flickr mail me!) your address I'd love to send you some fabric! Is yardage OK too? Like fat quarters? ! Jennie (sunflowerquilt on Flickr)

  2. i'd be happy to help! i already have your address (unless it's changing anytime soon), so let me see what i can pull together and i'll send it out ASAP. you don't only want blues though, right?

  3. Scraps 2.5 x 7". I can do that. I'd love to contribute. How much did you want? Oops, I don't have much in funky, but I know I have a few.

  4. Hi
    I'd be happy to send some scraps your way.
    Just bare in mind that I'm sending from Denmark so they might be awhile underway

  5. Do you still need scraps? I have some that will definitely qualify as 'funky'! Let me know.