Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping Bunnies...

Well, I've felt like a hopping bunny this past week.  My sewing machine has been going non stop I tell you, and it didn't stop until 9am this morning!  I sent a fabric basket filled with chocolate, and other goodies to both my mom and my aunt ( they loved them) . 

 I then made 4 more baskets for my Senior Leaders ( one was still on the sewing machine when I took this picture).  They are made based on the tutorial on Orange Flower.

This will be the last holiday for my Advisees, so they got 
mini duffel bags filled with pencils, note pads ( with their first initial on in), bubble gum tape, jelly beans, and chocolate.  These were made using a pattern from Love the Fabric.  The pattern I used is not actually on her web site, but she has great patterns non the less.  
Now, I am a glutton for punishment, so I also made a little drawstring bag for The Shmoo's favorite student in the dorm.... The embroidery pattern is from Orange Flower, and the bag pattern from Pink Penguin.

Whew....All bags and baskets have been delivered, and appreciated.  Now I have some serious catching up to do on all of my swaps.  Plus, I am determined to make J and I a new quilt for our up coming move.  PS- we have no idea where we are moving, but we're going to have a new quilt on our bed if it kills me!

 Peace be with you.


  1. I love the last pouch with the two Amy Butlers!

    You certainly have been busy.

  2. I so love that embroidered bag! So sweet! - Donna