Sunday, February 1, 2009

When it rains it pours and a Cutie Hooty!

 I thought losing my job was enough bad news/ drama for one week.  However, I was wrong...I    " caught" the stomach bug from The Shmoo, and spent 6 hours with my head in the toilet Friday night into Saturday morning.  I hate to throw up-I haven't done it since I was in labor with The Shmoo, and I cried about it then.  I used words that rarely pass my lips, and forced J to sleep with The Shmoo so that he didn't get sick as well ( and so he did not witness my sprinting from the bed to the bathroom every few moments).  Well, as it turns out the little man was not over his bought with the stomach monster.  So, I spent last night in bed with him as he threw up on 3 sets of sheets, 2 sets of jammies, and a very tired and weak mama.  I had to snap this photo of him this afternoon watching Thomas and resting his " ouchie tummy". He then had a sudden burst of energy and needed to take some pictures.  A budding artist maybe? 

 It's a good thing he's so cute, cause I am one tired mama tonight!  
On a crafty note I completed this cutie tonight for one of my students.  She turned 18 on Friday and loves Owls.  So, a Hooty it was. This is a Melly and Me pattern.  It was very easy to follow.  He's pretty cute if I do say so myself ( and I do!). 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the stash giveaway preview.  Peace be with you!


  1. Hi, I just discovered you thru the IAGM link. Here in Connecticut we've got a couple of variants of that bug going around. The saving grace for some of us is that we end up a few pounds lighter! Thankfully these things pass quickly; hope you and the Schmoo are back to solids!

  2. You're little Melly & Me owl is gorgeous. I love their softy patterns, I've got a heap of them. I wrote them to see if they were going to do a book, they didn't have plans to at the time, but I've since heard that they are currently working on one - how excitement!!! I will have to get to work with my Melly & Me patterns - I find it hard to decide what fabrics to use in the softies - will just have to have a go! My fave softie is Acute, have you seen it? Hugs, Kelly :-)