Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hiding among the fabric....

* Note- Blogger and I are usually good friends, but last night we had a we had to sleep on it, and now we seem to be friends again!

That's where I've been! When I get stressed I do one of two things- Eat or Sew. I got the stomach bug last week, so eating was out. My machine has been running at top speed for 6 days straight, and probably won't get a break until March when the Shmoo and I head to North Carolina for Spring Break.

You may wonder what exactly I've been working on ( okay, you might not have wondered, but I'm going to tell you any way)....

1. Blocks for Flickr groups- Sew Connected 2, Buzz Cuts, and the Cottage Quilting Bee

2. Mini quilts for flickr groups- STUD ( 3 minis), 6"-12" quilt swap ( 2 minis), and mini quilt in a bag ( 2 out of 6 completed already)

( This one was a " Plain Jane" using Liberty scraps from my Sew Connected 2 group)

3. 4 Valentine's Day bags for my advisees ( just have to put the drawstrings in them all)

4. 6 Valentine's Day bags for my Student Leaders and The Shmoo's nursery school teachers( just have to top stitch the tops closed)

5. Amy Butler Weekender Bag for the swap Tracey is hosting on Itching 2 B Stitching.

6. Valentine's Day quilt for my mom-photo above. She has been ( okay, always is) amazing since my job loss, and I wanted to send her hugs and a new quilt to tell her I love her!

7. Pillowcases for J as a " low budget" Valentine's Day gift.

So, I better get off this computer and back to the sewing machine.

Peace be with you.

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