Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Live Laugh Love

I finished my mom's quilt last night, and let me tell you that I will NOT be quilting another large quilt myself for quite a while! I had two things working against me:

1. I used flannel on the back. Lovely to snuggle up with, but a pain in the rump to quilt ( says me)

2. I gave myself 36 hours to quilt ( I wrote LIVE LAUGH LOVE around the entire boarder) , bind (hand sew it down ), wash and dry the sucker before I had to put it in the mail.

Yes, I work best under pressure, but The Shmoo started screaming " I don't like GG's Blankie" by the end of the day.

However, it turned out lovely, and I know she will love it...and really that's all the matters!

On to make some stars for the Brush Fire Quilt Project! Peace be with you.

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