Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010

It feels like 2010 snuck up on me. Really! The Shmoo and I were flying home from North Carolina on the 31st, so I had no bubbly in the house, no sparklers, no snacks...NOTHING. We arrived in a snow storm, and slowly made our way home. I felt like I needed just one more day to get myself together before the New Year arrived. Well, I didn't, so I did what I do best...started a new quilt. This one was for my Grandmother-in-law. We exchanged gifts with J's family on the 3rd, and so I had 2 1/2 days to get this baby made. And, I did it!

Here she is is all of her glory ( the quilt that is). J stood on the porch while I hiked out into the yard to get a nice snowy image.

I love it. You cannot see it in this picture, but I stippled it using a variegated King Tut thread in pinks and creams. And, if I do say so myself, and I do, it turned out beautifully. The fabric is from this line, and is about as far from my usual as you can get. However, after seeing this quilt, I was inspired to step out of my comfort zone for Gram. She loved it, and told me that she would think of me each time she used it! It totally melted my heart!!!

I used this pattern, which I purchased at the LQS in Chapel Hill. And, just so you know, this pattern will be used again shortly!!!
One down, and many, many more to come.

Peace be with you!


  1. I really love it....I just found your blog...I googled row quilts and saw your name on a list on another blog....did you ever make one? I just signed up to make one and I never have, so I am trying to get ideas.......Your stuff is beautiful! Melinda

  2. I've got a brand new neighbor who was heavily involved in quilting and quilting guilds on the Cape. She's trying to connect with other quilters in the upper Valley. Is there a local guild in Franklin County, or can you advise where she might hook up with FCounty quilters? I'll pass along any info you're willing to share. Thanks.