Monday, June 8, 2009


Yes, you heard me correctly, we are on vacation.  J, The Shmoo, me, and GG are all on vacation.  We arrived yesterday at the wonderful beach, and everyone over 3 is sun burned.  It happens every year...we forget that no sun has seen our skin for some 9 months, and that it needs a layer of protection.  So, it was aloe and lots of lotion this evening!  The Shmoo is just a lovely golden brown, as he was smeared every 3 hours with SPF 55.  Even his Boot ( as he calls his bum) is golden.  We are in the midst of potty training, so he spent the day Nakie on the beach .  Man is he cute...and he peed on the potty twice today :-)

 We plan on spending quality time on the beach, eating out, and reading the stacks of books we all have ( even The Shmoo).  

Not to fear thought, I bought a weeks worth of wireless access from the best shop on the Island and have some hand sewing projects as well.  I'll have pics as soon as my camera's battery is re-charged!

Wishing you all a wonderful week where every you may be!
Peace be with you.

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