Thursday, May 28, 2009


I'm here, I really am!  Things have been a bit crazy in the house of Shmoo, but I have not forgotten about all of you quilt sewing blog readers.  

We graduated the class of 2009 on Sunday.  I shed far too many tears.  We cleaned out the dorm, had a little graduation lunch with my most favorite girls from the dorm, and then.....we hopped in the car and headed to Maryland to see one of The Shmoo's Godmothers. She works at an all girls school outside of Baltimore, and many is it different than what I'm used to. 

However, we are here, on vacation, and loving every minute of it.  The Shmoo has 2 new cats to chase/ play with, and J has never been to the DC area.  We braved the National Aquarium in Baltimore today, and it was wonderful.  It was quite possibly the most expensive day trip we have ever taken ( $55 for the Aquarium tickets, $20 for parking- come on now people, and $48 for lunch), but the most fun too.  Tomorrow will take us back to Baltimore for the Children's Museum, and Saturday we are off to the Zoo.  

Grades are due by 9am tomorrow, and instead of writing comments I am writing to you all:-) That's the way it should be if you ask me!!!

Well, I wish you all peace filled weekends, and I will be back next week with a zillion photos of all the sewing I have been up to.

Until then...Peace be with you. 

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  1. As a teacher I know that comments are the hardest part of grading. They all start to sound the same. Our grades are due Tuesday and last day of school is Wednesday at noon. I am soooooooo ready!