Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Life happens

Yep, and while it has been happening I have not had the energy to blog.  What's been going on you might ask- well, I'm going to tell you wither you want to know or not :-)

J and I put a bid in on a house, it was accepted ( yikes), and then the loan we thought we could get from a family member for the down payment fell through.  So, we have spent countless hours and many many tears on my part realizing that although we " could" buy this cute house it would mean living a life style that would not be healthy for The Shmoo.  In desperation I turned to my current employer to see if they could help us out by allowing us to rent a house from them...lots of hemming and hawing later they say " we're not sure...we'll know more in a month".  A MONTH?  Did I mention that we will lose our housing in 3 months?  That we have a 2 year old son who needs a roof over his head?  

Well, as I said: Life happens.  The Shmoo and I will be heading to North Carolina on Sunday to visit my mom, and hopefully gain a bit of perspective on this mess of a situation.  I need some space between me and the school, and no where is better than home with my mom!  Let's just hope they have some sunshine, cause I am so over the snow!!!

On a crafting note I have been working on the Amy Butler " Weekender Bag", and all I have to say is---I will try anything once!!!!!  Never, Never again!

I wish you all well, and I hope to post a photo of the complete bag on Friday.  Peace be with you.

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