Monday, May 9, 2011

Think Globally, Act Locally!

That was the title of my Freshman Seminar in College. I started school in January ( needed the semester off), and jumped right into school with this theme. It has always struck me as a wonderful motto for life, and especially for this time in our world!

On June 5th I will be running the Covered Bridges Half Marathon in Vermont for the second time. And, for the second time I will be running as part of team " Upper Valley Haven".

The Haven "provides temporary shelter and educational programming for homeless families and adults as well as food and clothing to anyone in need."

Part of our team duties, aside from running 13.1 miles, is to raise money for The Haven. This time last year I put out a plea to my family and friends to help me meet my $400 goal. This year I will be doing things a bit differently. This year, I will be raffling off a quilt. And not just any quilt...

My beloved Fat Quarterly Quilt Along Quilt!
This is the back :-)

So, would you like to win this quilt?
Would you like to help Children and Families get back on their feet?
Of course you do!

So, simply go HERE and donate anywhere from $10-$1 million.

Make sure that you put :
CBHM-Sudi-Laura Overstreet in the comments section ( that way I get credit)
For every $10 you donate I will put a slip with your name on it in my raffle hat!

One June 5th, some time after I run 13.1 miles, shower and regain control over my limbs, I will draw a winner. I will then pop the above beauty in the mail to you!
Just think, you could win this stunning quilt for just $10!

What are you waiting for?
Go ahead, make someone's life just a little bit easier.
Remind a young child, and their parents, that this world is made up of amazing people who care!

* The Haven sends me home with a list of donators and their address at the end of the race!!!

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  1. Have you moved away from northwestern MA? I miss your blog posts...