Friday, July 10, 2009

home, house, dwelling, abode, casa..

We have one! Well, " we" don't " have" one, but we will be renting a house-let beginning August 1. You might ask what a " house-let"is...well, it is a mini house that is less than 1000 square feet, three stories, and will house 2 adults, one toddler, 2 cats and a jack Russell terrier. Yes, a HOUSE -LET :-)

I feel like a weight has been lifted. One item I can check off of the list of stuff to do to move on! Next up is finding a job... that should be easy, right!

Now that we have a place to move to I have begun the process of packing, and man it's not fun! I started with books ( J and I are avid readers), then framed photos- really we're cute and all but are 4 boxes worth of photos really necessary?, and I have ended the week in my sewing room. That is NO FUN! I bought 6 Jumbo bags that you suck the air out of to make them smaller, and I need about 4 more to even touch my stash. I found fabric I did not even know I had. Heather Ross gold fish- WHAT!!!!!! I even came up with 4 trash bags full of fabric for the Hospice Shop....and still there is more.

Well, I am taking a break from my house, and helping a dear friend pack up her house to move back into the dorm. It's much easier to pack other peoples stuff :-)

May your weekend be relaxing, and your sewing abundant.

Peace be with you!

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